anime recommendations

not necessarily connected to /cyber/punk

  1. Steins;gate
    in my humble opinion, steins;gate is the best anime of all time. it has no weaknesses and everything seems totally authentic. the story, the setting and the characters are just peak-anime.
  2. Initial D
    great story, nice characters, thrilling action-elements, source of many memes and the best bgm you'll find in anime. don't watch this show if you're a novice driver and easily influenced.
  3. Made in Abyss
    considering the fact that steins;gate, the visual novel, was published in 2009, I'd say made in abyss is the greatest show of its decade. i'm really looking forward to see how it's going to continue. basically this anime has a lovely mysterious fantasy setting, an awesome story, lots of emotions and a great story. it's kinda what isekais try to be. the anime equivalent of how your first mmorpg felt like (just without all the tryhard gaming-elements).
  4. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    NGE is an absolute original and a must watch. not just because of the awesome animations in the facial expressions or character movements, but also because of a nice /cyber/-setting, relatable characters, the best intro song ever and because it actually is education. having seen nge is a good basis for identifying weak copycat animes and keeping you from watching soykaf *darling in the franxx*.
  5. Gantz
    this one is completely fucked up. it doesn't mince it's mouth. interesting setting, lot's of blood, unfortunate situations and the best bodysuits in anime. if you liked this, watch Inuyashiki next.
  6. Serial Experiments Lain
    lain is basically like matrix in reverse with 5g and what every /cyber/punk loves - a lot of screens.
  7. Dragon Ball
    dragon ball is based on "journey to the west" and has a fantastic setting and great characters. after ~140 it becomes dragon ball z for no reason at all. it's the same manga so they belong together, but with dragon ball z the whole plot switches from finding the dragon balls to just fight stronger enemies and becoming stronger. if you don't have the time to completely watch dbz, watch "dbz kai". it's minus the fillers and unnecessary strechtes.
  8. Devil May Cry
    awesome anime, cool characters, interesting story and great setting. it's just a few episodes and not that popular but it's worth watching imo. nothing too special but feels like a timeless classic.
  9. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
    peak comedy. the plot is kinda irrelevant to describe, but it's worth it's hype.
  10. Overlord
    isekai that really accomplishes to be, what it tries to be. a gaming-isekai that awakes any gamers feels who knows how it feels like, when the servers of your fav mmo become empty ghosttowns or even shutdown.
  11. Goblin Slayer
    fantasy anime with an autistic protagonist who really doesn't give a shit about anything else than slaying goblins. the setting is kinda the same as in overlord just not as an isekai. actually it feels like a spinoff in the overlord world. watch both, you'll see what i mean, doesn't matter in which order.
  12. Kaguya-Sama wa Kokurasetai?
    did you know, romantic comedy could actually be funny and entertaining? trust me.
  13. Elfen Lied
    just an edgy must-watch. the story is nice, music is good, characters are interesting but generally speaking it's kinda unpalatable. there are a lot of boring scenes or episodes but i feel like it's also got some educational perspective to see this one, as the whole plot between the characters has been copycatted by darling in the franxx. seen both, don't know what i mean? spoiler alert: guy and girl_1 know since childhood. girl_1 loves guy but guy sees her more as a friend. suddenly a crazy girl_2 appears with red hair and horns. girl_2 gets entangled with guy and they seem to have some kind of love-relationship with eachother even though girl_2 is a borderline-bitch. not to mention that girl_2 is evolutionary not really human but something mysterious and stronger due to different genetics. that's not enough but from time to time girl_2 and guy find out that they have already known in the past where they had a child-love-like relationship until something very bad happened and their memories vanished. in the end she's gone. got it? just as i said - completely the same story.
  14. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
    the indiana jones of anime. a great show only few despise.
  15. nekopara
    not really a good anime in terms of story or quality but peak cuteness. if you're a weeb and like cute catgirls, watch this.
  16. Majo no Tabitabi
    a recent anime that was really fun to watch. i don't really know what to say about it, it's just a high quality anime even though it's not really demanding. it's emotional, heartwarming and cute. I really enjoyed diving into this fantasy world.
  17. Samurai Champloo
    it's about samurai on a journey. nice art, great characters with great designs.