1. disconnect (an electrical device) by removing its plug from a socket.
"she unplugged the fridge"

2. remove an obstacle or blockage from.
"a procedure to unplug blocked arteries"

a list of things, you should unplug from

(maybe you'd want to learn the slang beforehand.)

  1. 1. soykaf operating systems like windows or ios. linux is superior and you don't need to be an elite-haxx0r to get something like manjaro running.
  2. 2. spying webbrowsers. if you use linux, use something like ungoogled chromium. otherwise read 1. if you don't want to make such an effort, at least use something that does probably not directly communicate with bigtech. brave or mozilla aren't perfect, but better than safari, chrome, edge.
  3. 3. smartphones. drop that drokk for some legacy or high-privacy phone. imo legacy phones are superior not just because they don't spy on you, but because you don't end up wasting your time with soykaf-apps you wouldn't even thinking about as necessary if you threw your smartphone away. this one really has the most positive impact on your psyche and it just takes like 2-3 weeks to get into t9. if you don't want to give it up or you need one for your job, at least uninstall all apps that aren't necessary. Think of the internet as something that is supposed to be used at stationary terminals = pcs.
  4. 4. now that we have kind of uncucked your digital systems, your psyche is next. you'll need to unplug from untrustworthy communication software. this one isn't that easy because you'll always need some way to keep in touch with your family, colleagues or friends. find some middle way that's suitable for you.
  5. 5. unsocial media uses exploits in you psyche to literally addict you to them, using unsocial media is cybercuckolding. back in the days your myspace-page was representing you, but today you represent your social media feeds. they tell you what to like, they tell you what's important, they tell you who you aspire to be.
  6. 6. the next one will need some clarification. rentable software absolutely needs to be boycotted. fuck this adobe-style drokk that let's you subscripe to their software. they can and will increase their prices over time and use all sorts of ways to make you pay just a little more here and there. mark my words in one or two decades you'll need to rent singular premium-tools. there are buyable and even free alternatives. if you'd have followed 1. you'd already be the a proud gimp user. the clarification comes now. obviously it's always the best choice to use free software, but if you have any reasons to prefer a buyable software, go for it. anyways there are always free alternatives that could and should be supported instead. just don't use cuckold software that makes you pay monthly and not even owning the product.
  7. 7. is the only one that is financially not a good choice. don't use rentable multimedia like netfuck, shazify or soytube music. you're not supporting the artists anyways or are you going to tell me, you're not using some kind of adblocker? of course this is a hard part because buying is expensive and downloading feels like betraying the artists but I have found a neat compromise for me. i download whatever i want and if i feel like i want to support the artist or industry i visit their shops and see how i can buy something directly.
  8. 8. commercial videogames are kinda the same as 6. because playing games is fine unless the publishers intentionally put effort into thinking about ways to suck as much brouzouf out of their customers as possible. additionally (just like in 3.) some try to cuck your psyche by getting you addicted. lootboxes, dropcycles and special daily missions are the free man's natural enemies.
  9. 9. data-spying webpages like various online-shopping pages. amazon and everything that comes with it, google and everything that comes with it. try to let them go. it's not so easy, sometimes it doesn't seem possible and you'll need to make a compromise. for cases like that you can always run different browsers, virtual machines, as fake identities as possible and so on.
  10. 10. data-spying software pretty much like 9. just about programs. if you use soyify or shazcord, use the browser versions instead of infecting your hardware. i use one browser explicitly for soyftware like that, in order to isolate them and minimize data leaks.

»leave botnet behind, embrace true anon.«

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