about me

hey chummers and welcome to my website.
i wouldn't call it a personal website but more something like my personal contribution to the topic of /cyber/punk in terms of privacy and a critical view on digitalization.
the main reason why i want to contribute to this topic/lifestyle is not because of my conviction, i still use some of the software i tell you to unplug from (while trying to gain as much control as possible over my data), but because unplugging from those i've unplugged from already increased my quality of life a lot.
my motivation comes from knowing the difference and the superiority of unplugging. anyways the good thing about this website is that nobody is going to read it, who isn't already interested in this topic.
there is no possibility of contacting me. if there is, i just forgot to update this page, please contact me using whatever possibility my future-me will offer and teach me about it.
with that being said, have fun on here and enjoy the stay.