so what is the endgame?

the endgame is a futuristic vision in which we have lost.
it is the future we are moving towards to, because all we did in the past years was losing and all we are going to do is losing.
we lost privacy rights for the fight against terror or diseases.
we lost the free market to giantic corpos like blackrock.
we lost quality and traded it for planned obsolescence.
we lost love for comparison and online dating catalogs.
we lost money to inflation.
we lost sustainability for profit.
we lost information to marketing.
we lost freedom for digitalization and silence for connectivity.

it isn't that bad, right?

so what comes to most of our lazy and comfortable minds is: it isn't that bad, right?
some of us may just be romantisizing the way of living from 500 years ago.
some of us may just look for something to live for like the philosophy of free information.
some of us are just unhappy with society and thus project their problems on society.
well, yes of course all of that may be true to a certain degree to some of us.
but what this site and it's message is about,
is not the current state of society, it is where it is leading.

the world changes

the world changes faster than ever and is going to keep changing faster and faster.
where we are now, has been predictable to a certain degree 3, 7 or 15 years ago.
obviously not the exact alignment of all happenings,
but all changes individually have been relatively predictable.
also all future changes will individually be relatively predictable.
all we need to do is look at the causes for the changes of the past years.
we will see that a lot of legal changes,
political changes and other great news have in the end changed nothing.
example: donald trump was elected, which in itself is a huge event, a billionair is becoming the president of the united states.
but what happened for me, living in europe? nothing has changed,
nothing has changed for me since biden has been elected and nothing has changed since russia attacked the ukraine.
gas prices rose (as if the prices didnt rise all the time anyways) and seed oils are rare.
now lets see what major changes happened to society in the last years?
the same people who told us video games create mass murderers and you are addicted if you use the internet more than 3hours/day are now addicted to candy crush and open books on facebook.
it's hard to find a single child in the elementary school that does not own a smartphone.
tiktok became the new status quo and every platform follows up on the short video format and thus attention spans shortened.

a futuristic vision in which we have lost.

politics dictate our regulations, but the rules of society are nearly set into stone. people have our common sense. but the rules of society change with major inventions.
my life is impacted more by a concern like meta or electric scooters than by war on my continent.
everything that matters in our postcapitalist society is multimedia and entertainment.
the inventions people look up to arent tools to clean the oceans or to generate power.
it's all about the lates iphone or this season's fashion trend.
people spend millions to buy status rather than using there money for something with value.

with this in mind we can make our predictions for how the future is shaping. by looking at the goals and interests of those big tech corpos who influence the modern world more then anything else.
so what do these companies want?
they want profit, power and to stay or expand in their profitable position of power.
and the big corpos known as bigtech see their opportunity. an opportunity no company has ever had at any time in the world.
the opportunity to become world leaders.

that is exactly why facebook is now called meta and went full metaverse. to have absolute control over all the data that exists in the world. to tax your existence by putting advertisement in your own digital appartment. to gain more power anyone every had.
luckily nobody gave a shit about the metaverse yet, but now ai is the next big thing.

amazon sees the same opportunity for clothes, goods, grocerys.
google for artificial intelligence and data.
fucking blackrock for everything that exists combined.
companies are buying houses for speculation, so private persons cant even find affordable housing anymore.
car companies invent cars that can only be repaired using their firmware.
multimedia is only being rented already.
hardware is going to be substituated by stadia or other cloud services.
meanwhile european countries want to substitute the euro with a digital programmable euro. programmable meaning you can only buy what other people want you to buy. basically food stamps.
your freedom is being taken away from you by the leaders of the cyberpunk dystopia that has yet to come.

the endgame

the endgame is a futuristic vision in which we have lost.
a future in which you are reduced to your working power.
where every corpo benefit they give you
is just meant to make you a more productive member of society.
a gatekeeping society that only lets you participate if you become transparent.
where only the rich are allowed to live their lifes and chase their dreams.
where you can't participate without trading your humanity for digital slavery.
we will become useless.
our jobs will give us no satisfaction at all
as well are being reduced to mere operators of machine.
we will become empty.
because everything we live for, are going to be artificially generated needs.
we will become replaceable.
if we arent already being replaced by machines.
ultra refined tech capitalism.
and if your psyche is crushed under the pressure.
you'll be put on medication.
so that you may serve another day
to make the world the beautiful place it is.

science fiction

these are changes for the next 10 years, maybe 20 or 30.
but what comes next?
genetically engineering people to more reliable sheep?
excluding genetic markers that make you rebellious or aggressive?
artificial intelligence as our ruling overlords?
population control "for the sake of humanity?"
there are many ways in which we may or may not be ruled in the near future.
and the groundwork for them is being build right now and in the next years.
via tech and propaganda.


»Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.«
Michael Ellner