update log

2021.05.28 - less is more

content reduction measures:
-deletion of the not so active blog-page.
-shortage of about-page content.

also: lain added to anime

2021.04.23 - different os

i've changed the information about the os I'm using, as I hopped from manjaro to artix.

2021.04.01 - blog added

i've added a blog-page so i can rant about various cyberpunk-related topics without always changing page layouts.

2021.02.26 - /a/nime update

-added the slang dictionary at the start of the .index

2021.02.25 - /a/nime update

-samurai champloo added

2021.02.03 - general expanding

-update log added.
-luke smith' website added to related links.
-"10. data-spying software" to the unplug list.
-about me page added.

2021.02.02 - more pages

-extra pages for lore and anime.

2021.02.01 - it's alive

-unplug went online.